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The Conference (The 2nd ICLJ) Will be held on October, 16-17 2018.

2018 Theme

The 2nd International Conference on Law and Justice

"Human Welfare in Modern Society: Redefining the Role of Economy, Law, and Philanthropy"


Hotel Grand Whiz, Poins Square, Jakarta

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The main objective of this conference is to bring together academics, researchers, practitioners, students and other groups whose interests are in the issues of Human welfare within the framework of economics, law, philanthropy and society to share their works and experiences in relation to the topics. In addition to disseminating thoughts and research findings, the conference is also intended to strengthen networking and collaboration among participants.


The benefits to be obtained from this international conference are:
1. The exchange of knowledge between academics, researchers, practitioners, and students in the field of law and human rights,
2. The establishment of collaborative research on the issues of Human Welfare, particularly for the context of Islamic higher educational institutions,
3. The strengthening of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta as one of the leading Islamic universities in Southeast Asia,

The papers will be published in the order of their presentation at the forum and will be submitted for indexing on the Web of Science (Clarivate, formerly Thomson Reuters & ISI) or Scopus (term or policy applied). Other options available are for papers to be submitted to journal accredited by The Ministry of Education (Cita Hukum, Al-Ahkam or Al-Iqtishad) which will also accept relevant subjects for a special edition.

Important Dates

Abstracts and Papers

July, 30 2018.Notification of Accepted Abstracts

Sept, 11 2018.Full Paper Submission Deadline

Sept, 25 2018.Notification of Accepted Full Papers

Registration & Payment

October, 5th 2018Deadline for Payment of all Registration and Conference Fees

October, 6th 2018Verification of Payment and The Presenter Tendency


The 2nd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON LAW AND JUSTICE (ICLJ 2018) is committed to establish all possible ethical academic platform within its social and academic responsibility. We are seeking professionals who are Foreign Nationals, Professor, and Researcher or on a voluntary basis who can arrange their travel through their parent organizations or available sources, to join us in this mission to inculcate and impart value based research knowledge. For more info kindly send your inquiry.

ICLJ Registration Fee


200 USD
  • Presenter
  • Seminar Kit
  • Launch
  • Coffee Break
  • Conference Proceeding


150 USD
  • Presenter
  • Seminar Kit
  • Launch
  • Coffee Break
  • Conference Proceeding


750,000 IDR
  • Presenter
  • Seminar Kit
  • Launch
  • Coffee Break
  • Conference Proceeding


In accordance with the Committee's Regulations, the Publication Fee is separate from the Conference Registration Fee. Payment of Publiction Fee is expected before the start of the conference.

International Publication fee 175 USD or Rp. 2,000,000 (Local Presenters)

How to Register

Past Conference

ICLJ was organized by the Faculty of Sharia and Law, State Islamic University Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta. All conference papers of The 1st International Conference on Law and Justice, “Good Governance and Human Rights in Muslim Countries” on November, 6th – 7th 2017 have been successfully published on Atlantis International Publication and submitted to be indexed on CPCI, please note that CPCI has authority and regulation to reject the paper. We also have received confirmation that The Conference papers have been indexed on Researchgate.

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The 1st ICLJ


7 Panel


246 Person


47 Person

Conference Papers

72 Papers

Published on The Atlantis

40 Papers

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