The 2ND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON LAW AND JUSTICE (ICLJ 2018) is committed to establish all possible ethical academic platform within its social and academic responsibility. We are seeking professionals who are Foreign Nationals, Professor, and Researcher or on a voluntary basis who can arrange their travel through their parent organizations or available sources, to join us in this mission to inculcate and impart value based research knowledge. For more info, kindly send your inquiry. Email : iclj@uinjkt.ac.id


The conference consists of plenary and working group discussions. The aim in dividing the sessions is to attract more paper submissions. The 2ND ICLJ is introducing a new format in this effort. For this conference, the committee will collaborate to create joint panels with other universities or institutions, both local and foreign.

A Joint Panel (JP) means that another university or institution will be able to create its own panel for a conference main topic or sub-topic. The formation of Joint Panels will, hopefully, encourage an increase in the number of papers submitted. The ICLJ committee would like each Joint Panel to send its experts (a minimum of 5) to be the main speakers for their panel and to be reviewers of the conference papers.